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We are a community of writers seeking to combat media brainwashing tactics through research, writing, and communication. The mission, vision, and values of our revolution are centered on providing the tools, knowledge and resources necessary for communities to become self-sustained and independent from the federal government. Self-sustained communities are stronger, healthier, and less vulnerable to recession or outside interferences. Independence from the federal government is true freedom. Our categories are centered on revealing truths and misconceptions that are the driving force of human slavery. Suggest new categories in the forum.

The state of Israel was established through lies, genocide, and illegal land-grabs paid for by The People of the United States. Continued allegiance to Israel's injustices is counter-productive to everything the US stands for. Israel's status as a welfare state that relies on US support to exist makes Israel one of the greatest obstacles in the way of fulfilling our vision of revolution.

The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement was established in 2005 to end international support for Israel's oppression of Palestinians and pressure Israel to comply with international law. 

Conspiracy is only a theory when it is done in secrecy. Elitist overlords have made no attempt to hide their lawlessness from disbelieving eyes. After thousands of years of lies and manipulation, The People are still completely oblivious to basic truths that will set us free from domination. 

The first step toward recovery is admitting that something is wrong. Admittance to global conspiracy suggests we must also admit that the current 'solutions' proposed by our oppressors are also wrong.

Our mission for this topic is to dig deep into history to reveal long-standing manipulations the Elite use to dominate the world and misleading solutions they use to 'fix' the problems they create. 

The current status of the global economy the aftermath of the nearly 2,000-year reign of state-sponsored corporatism. Imperialist nations such as Sweden, Denmark, and Britain used state sponsored corporatism to steal unspeakable wealth from nations worldwide. The global Elite have since done everything in their power to spread lies about the economy so they can maintain their authority. 

Economics is the science of production and distribution of goods and services. Whoever owns production owns the economy. Production can either be owned by individuals (capitalism), communities (communism), or government (socialism). The Elite have used every resource available to prevent The People from learning this basic truth. 

Our mission for this topic is to dig deep into history to reveal long-standing manipulations the Elite use to prevent The People from learning the truth about the economy. We will examine all aspects of the economy and develop common-sense solutions that will not only free The People from Elitist domination but also promote sustainable practices that will turn the Earth into Paradise. 

The dumbing down of America has left the gates wide open for elitist manipulation. As The People continue to descend into the abyss of celebrity gossip and hashtag challenges, elitist overlords are given free-reign to manipulate our education system to serve the global agenda. 

Our mission for this topic is to dissect the education system from birth to college. We will examine all aspects of education to develop simple solutions for an education system that works for everybody. 

Humanity exists solely due to the Earth's biodiversity. Continued destruction of earthly habitat is a sure pathway to destruction. Unlike the dinosaurs that came before us, humans possess the ability to thwart natural disaster. Rather than honing such live-saving ability, humanity is stuck in a cycle of destructive practices and consumption of non-renewable resources. 

Our mission for this topic is to examine Earth's biodiversity and find solutions that will boost the economy, create jobs, and turn the Eath into Paradise. Our main focus is The River Initiative, which is a grassroots movement to raise awareness toward the possibility of building a wetland system that will solve most economic and environmental problems. 

Healthy living begins with the production and distribution of goods and services. In a system that relies on unsustainable practices, living a healthy lifestyle is nearly impossible.

Our mission for this topic is to explore all possible methods to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We will examine methods for producing and distributing health-related goods and services, and develop sustainable solutions.

Humans have a tendency to think they are superior beings, and live in some magical realm where the Earth and all its inhabitants revolve around the human desire to horde as many belongings as possible. Ironically, the advancements and technologies that make humans 'superior' have become the crux that is driving humanity down the pathway to extinction.

Our mission for this topic is to attempt to pry The People's attention away from the brainwashing experiment called "social media" and refocus attention toward social issues that are creating divisions among us. 

The two-party system of governance is an outdated concept that no longer serves its intended purpose. The US was originally constituted as a federal hierarchy with one party that dominated the system. The two-party system was born in a feud between those who wanted the hierarchy stipulated in the Constitution to reign over them (Democrats), and those who opted for state and individual sovereignty (Republicans).

After 200 years of scandals and manipulation, the two-parties have cunningly become one in their efforts to enforce hierarchal-rule. Hierarchy has become so profoundly ingrained in the systematic foundation of everyday life that the majority can no longer decipher between slavery and freedom. The two-party system served as a means to balance authority while the US government was still in its infancy. Now that the system has matured, The People are fully equipped to break from the two-party system and establish new guards for future security.

Our mission for this topic is to examine alternative means for governance. We will reveal the complications that result from centralized bureaucracy while examining our options for establishing sovereign community-based governments. 

War is the most powerful industry in the world. No matter what affliction The People endure, war takes precedence over progress. With all the power and stature generated by warmongering factions, one must at some point begin to question the legitimacy of war proclamations. 

Our mission for this topic is to examine every aspect of the war industry. We will compare the cost of war to the cost of converting to renewable resources while creating vibrant, self-sustained communities.


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