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  1. Maria Prosecuter
  2. Conspiracy
  3. Tuesday, 07 March 2017
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The LiZARD invasion is a rampant phenomenon of a subhuman species of hominids who are marked by the same characteristics as narcissists. Unlike humans who rely on the cerebral cortex for advanced thought processes, LiZARDz rely on the reptilian brain. Such heavy reliance on instinctive, fight-or-flight behaviorisms spurns a toxic environment for all who perceive the true nature of a LiZARD.

But do not be deceived, LiZARDz, much like their chameleon cousins, are masters of manipulation. Though they may be highly uneducated and spiritually inept, LiZARDz possess the uncanny ability to present themselves as angels of light. The herd mentality of many a LiZARD has consequently built up a system founded not only on deception, but also a plethora of diversion tactics to create the confusion necessary for LiZARDz to maintain their dominance.

LiZARDz use different manipulation tactics for each relationship they establish. The following tactics are evident in the wider scale of world domination:

1. Preemptive Defence – Much of a LiZARD’s time is spent grooming its ego in an attempt to acquire a posse of cohorts who believe the LiZARD is an angel of light.

2. Gaslighting – Possibly the greatest diversion tactic is to do whatever possible to make victims, as well as unwitting flying monkeys, believe no wrong has been done. LiZARDz do this by spinning or presenting false information while claiming that anybody who refutes the official story is a crazy conspiracy theorist.

3. Projection – LiZARDz revel in accusing other entities of committing whatever heinous crime they themselves commit on a regular basis. Such diversion allows LiZARDz to continue in their mayhem with more and more validation everytime they get away it.

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