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Apathy is the leading cause of social conflict. The People are so reliant on mass media for credible information that we fail to develop unique perspectives and goals for future progress. Politics creates divisions among The People, thus promoting a perfect atmosphere for manipulation. When apathy and manipulation collide, the end of all matters explodes into a dog eat dog, each man to his own, victorless battle for peace of mind. Our Writer's Revolution aspires to waken the debilitated minds of The People, and arouse all to action in a climactic uprising through which all truth will come to light.

The human ability to think, plan, write and create is the boast of our existence. Without this fundamental mode for advancement, we are nothing more than wild beasts subjugated by the indiscriminate aggressions of the natural world. Degenerated awareness of the consequences of our actions is a sure pathway to destruction. A civilization is only as advanced as its weakest links. When the educated are outnumbered by aimless, thoughtless, brainwashed bystanders; all progress is thwarted by an endless cycle of mayhem.

The attention span of the average citizen is like that of a two-year-old child. You're lucky to get even a fragment of honesty past the mainstream garbage truck full of propaganda and reality television shows. Nonetheless, all are yearning for that unforgettable moment in history when The People will finally awake to an audacious moment of clarity that will triumph over all the evils in the world. No mountain is too high to climb, all we need is the will to persevere. 

Through hard work and creativity, we will provide The People with an organized platform for progressive communication. Progress will be measured, not by how well a writer adheres to academic standards, but rather by the weight of influence the writer has on the growth and incitement of his or her peers. Cross-cultural communication is revered as the guiding light for every writing endeavor. Participants are encouraged not only to be mindful of cultural differences but to articulate such distinctions as a means to raise awareness.

Our method for ousting the ever-growing web of deceit perpetrated the hierarchs is simple yet provocative. We will become the center of every controversy known to man in a hard-hitting, winner-takes-all war of logic. Just as the One-Percent invaded nations worldwide, and forced all into submission; so shall we invade every network, and force the masses to reckon with us. In the end, nobody can dismiss those who refuse to be ignored.

Oppression only exists because The People accept it as a way of life. The oppressiveness of this manipulative system will continue as long as The People choose to decline from the irrevocable duty to pull our own weight and create our own destinies. If thought is what sets humans apart from the beasts, then expressing our thoughts through writing is our greatest defense against any obstacle. We boldly invite all to join us on the battlefield in one last daring attempt to claim The People's Throne and bring all truth to light.  


Provide the knowledge and resources necessary to empower The People and keep them engaged in civic duty.


Ignite a revolution of civic engagement through which communities worldwide will claim their sovereignty.


We value the power of community over all other authority and the impact of words over weapons.

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