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The Vision of our revolution requires a multi-faceted approach toward providing the tools, knowledge, and resources necessary for communities to become self-sustained and independent from the federal government. Our projects are designed to refocus attention toward issues that are leading us all to ruin while providing sustainable methods for social, economic and environmental progress.

The main goal of our projects is to provide a well-rounded safety net for communities to progress without taxes and regardless of outside influences. Since our model is founded on participation from all members of each community, citizens are provided with extra incentive to become active members in the civic structure.

The following articles serve to elaborate the purpose and direction of our projects...

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Community Ownership: The pathway to prosperity

Jan 09, 2017
The problem with modern society is that it is centered on a system based upon selfishness. Capitalism was established by thieves and slave owners, and serves only to maintain power for…
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Homeless Recovery Plan

Jan 09, 2017
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Community Government Revolution

Jan 09, 2017
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Public Access Revolution

Jan 09, 2017
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