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We are a community of writers seeking to combat media brainwashing tactics through research, writing and communication. Our mission, vision and values are centered on providing the knowledge and resources necessary for communities to become self-sustained and independent from the federal government. We do not take sides in the political arena. Our only political agenda is to build a system of governance through which all members of all communities can easily participate in civic duty.

The Big Vision of this forum is to create a virtual example of how Anarchy would work in the real world. Anarchism would require that each community makes its own rules while establishing a higher system that encourages communities to work together on a national and international level.


Members are kindly asking to search to forum to see if questions have already been asked. Moderators may decide to merge questions if they are similar or require the same answer. Those who continuously post redundant questions will be ignored by moderators and possibly banned; we'll burn that bridge when we get there. Any questions submitted to the 'Questions' forum should pertain the revolution at hand; our mission, vision, values, goals; the workings of the website; anything that revolves around TheSeedSowerz.


Site Discussions

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Other forums permit members to initiate and moderate their own discussions. Each member can make his or her own rules for moderation, and those rules will be enforced by the site unless the rules contradict the Terms of Service or the Law of the Land.

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