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The Revolution Starts Here...

The 13 colonies declared their independence in 1776 on grounds that the king of Great Britain had subjected The People to repeated injuries and usurpations. Their declaration upheld that all are created equal, and that when a long train of government abuses reduces citizens to absolute despotism, it is their right and their duty to throw off said government and provide new guards for future security.

Thirteen years later, the Constitution of the United States was forged in complete contradiction to the declaration that won their freedom. White men were given freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech a mere two years after the Constitution was enforced. However, slavery was still in effect for 76 years, and women were denied the right to vote for 131 years. A Constitution claiming to be a "perfect union" should not require 27 Amendments to provide basic rights.

Hypocrisy stipulated within the Constitutional order of hierarchy has since become an ongoing struggle that divides The People into polarized factions. The two-party system was born in a feud between those who wanted the hierarchy stipulated in the Constitution to reign over them (Democrats), and those who opted for state and individual sovereignty (Republicans). After 200 years of scandals and manipulation, the two-parties have cunningly become one in their efforts to enforce hierarchal-rule. Hierarchy has become so profoundly ingrained in the systematic foundation of everyday life that the majority can no longer decipher between slavery and freedom. 

What are we going to do about it?

The key to defeating global hierarchy is to beat the Elite at their own game. The global Elite won their place in this world by selling drugs and stealing massive amounts of wealth from nations worldwide through state sponsored corporations. With such power under their belts, they designed a political and economic system that serves to maintain their dominance. But they neglected to realize one simple flaw in their design. A flaw that they have relentlessly attempted to cover-up so The People would never rise above their power. 

Despite whatever power the Elite think they have, The People have always been the ones with all the power. At any given moment The People can up and decide to stop buying from the Elite, stop obeying their orders, and stop playing into their media shenanigans. At any given moment, communities can decide to start their own production, create their own jobs, and establish their own system of governance. 


  1. Start a writer's revolution to raise awareness about the lies and manipulations that are holding The People hostage in this system of hypocrisy.
  2. Create business plans through our project management system to influence each community to establish production that will generate funding to improve the community. 
  3. Break up into news teams that will serve to raise funding to establish community owned production.
  4. Draft a Constitution for each community to outline the specifics of how citizens can participate in deciding how the production operates. 
  5. Form an alliance of community production that works together like a government to solve community problems without the need for taxes.
  6. Continue to establish community production to compete against the Elite until they all go out of business and The People win.
  7. The federal government will then serve only to ensure that no community encroaches on the rights of another community.

Community owned production allows for communities to become self-sustained and independent from the federal government. If a community doesn't need federal tax dollars in to sustain its existence then the fed has no grounds to interfere with the community's decisions. Community ownership also kindles a greater sense of pride among community members, which is necessary to maintain engagement. When communities rely on production for sustenance, rather than taxes, they are more likely to uphold righteousness; otherwise, they will lose business.

Possibly the most worthwhile reason to support community owned production is rather than the wealthy hoarding money in their bank accounts, that money will continue to circulate. Fast and continuous circulation of money means each community will make advancements at a phenomenally faster rate than is currently feasible. 

Viva la Rebellion 

The sheep like to engage in debate over what our "forefathers" would think of this decision or that decision. The only solid answer to that question is laid out in the Declaration of Independence. Above all rights granted to us is the first right proclaimed in the Declaration: The right to throw off our system of governance, and provide new grounds for future security. A people whose repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury forfeits all rights to future security by continuously submitting to the authority of their oppressors.


Provide the knowledge and resources necessary to empower The People and keep them engaged in civic duty.


Ignite a revolution of civic engagement through which communities worldwide will claim their sovereignty.


We value the power of community over all other authority and the impact of words over weapons.

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