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The human ability to think, plan, write and create is the boast of our existence. Without this fundamental mode for advancement, we are nothing more than wild beasts subjugated by the indiscriminate aggressions of the natural world. Representative democracy has effectively reared a nation of functionally illiterate citizens who rely on their oppressors to solve the problems created by their oppressors. The People have essentially become like beasts locked in a cage of illiteracy and disinformation.

Our revolution is centered on providing the tools, knowledge and resources necessary for communities to become self-sustained and independent from the federal government. Every aspect of government was established through writing: The Declaration of Independence, Constitution, laws, news, tax plans, grants, pet projects, speeches; the list goes on and on. We want to teach citizens how to write everything including well-researched papers, AP style news writing, community project plans, coalition agreements, petitions, constitutions, speeches and business plans for establishing community-owned production. The end-game for our revolution is to establish a new system of direct-democracy through which members of all communities play a vital role in the decision-making process from the community-based level to national level and beyond.


The term 'revolution' is not just some sensational word that we use to make us seem hip and edgy. When we say 'revolution' we mean the complete overthrow of system and government. The United States was founded under the pretense that we are a nation of The People. The Constitution is a contract that outlines the structure of the government that allegedly works for The People. However, when a contract is breached it becomes void, and the breachers must pay a fine. The Constitution was voided the moment it was signed by slave owners. The US government has since evolved into a bureaucracy that is neither of The People nor for The People. We hold the bureaucratic institutions of the federal government fully accountable for their misdeeds and intend to procure reparations for the damage they have inflicted across the globe. Such institutions include the Internal Revenue Service, Federal Reserve, Central Intelligence Agency and other rogue states that hold no allegiance to The People of the United States.

Our writer's revolution is not just about writing. We aim to show the world how writing can be used to topple governments while creating a new system of peace and prosperity. Representative democracy is an outdated system of governance that cultivates an atmosphere of dumbed-down citizens who can't make their own decisions; thereby, rendering the masses dependent on the neverending battle between liberals and conservatives. And as the world shakes their heads in disgrace over the neverending hypocrisy of the United States, our representatives continue to deride other nations for not conforming to democratic principles. A revolution centered on research, writing, and communication will inevitably oust the middle-men and open new dialogue among the grieving masses. 


Research, writing and effective communication are the key components necessary for direct-democracy to work. Every instance where direct-democracy has failed was due to the ineffective dispersion of information. Representative democracy has also failed miserably for the same reason. Career politicians thrive off ignorance. Rather than encouraging citizens to get involved with civic duty, politicians make flamboyant promises to solve all our problems. Citizens consequently cast their votes based on limited and often misleading information.

Our plan to ignite the greatest revolution of all times starts with recruiting writers to help fill the site with content. Members can write whatever they want; however, content that is not relevant to revolution will eventually be bumped out of the front content pages. Writings that are relevant to revolution include anything that promotes a complete change in thought and function across the spectrum of hierarchal civilization. We want to change the way we eat, change the way we live, and change the way we treat eat other. We want to dispel the myths and legends, and reveal truth to the disbelieving eyes of the sheeple. The end of all matters will conclude when the elitist masters who own this forsaken planet are brought down to their knees begging forgiveness from the masses they enslaved through ignorance. 

Our writer's revolution is intended to equip citizens with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve every good work. Our initial focus for writing will be to teach citizens how to write. Members are encouraged to write tutorials and blogs that teach citizens about writing styles, format, citations, grammar, wordsmithing, structure, voice and the basics of writing. We will also delve deeper into the more revolutionary forms of writing including well-researched papers, community project plans, coalition agreements, petitions, constitutions, speeches and business plans for establishing community-owned production.

The main writing style we advocate in our revolution is news writing. We intend to teach citizens how to investigate, interview witnesses and experts, write compelling news stories and become a dominating force in the increasingly deceptive news industry. 


The capitalist hierarchy that dominates the world stands today as the single most deceptive entity the world has ever known. The eldest of wealthy families can be traced back to the days when the nations that composed the Holy Roman Empire stole everything from nations across the globe. Any amount of charity these entities profess as their 'good will toward man' is a sham and a mask to hide the fact that everything they own belongs to The People. While the hierarchy maintains much of its domination through politics, their main arsenal of deceptive practices dwells in the battlefield of economics. At some point, one must begin to wonder why the capitalist hierarchy has gone through such great lengths to demonize one particular economic system to the extent of literally executing a 'witch hunt' against its proponents. 

Economics is the science of production and distribution of goods and services. Whoever owns the means of production dictates distribution and virtually owns the entire system on both political and economic platforms. The three economic systems include capitalism (private ownership of production), socialism (government ownership of production), and communism (public or community ownership of production). All three economic systems can exist side-by-side in the same nation. Politics plays no role in defining these systems; however, the political system that dominates may choose to accept, reject or control the outcomes of these systems.

Capitalism allows individuals to own resources that everybody needs to survive. In reality, very limited competition exists in capitalism because the elite have the power to dictate the distribution of goods and services while annihilating any entity that dares to compete against them. Capitalist production is typically sustained through investors, which is why many corporations can't survive in the United States. When a company relies on investors it becomes enslaved in a never-ending battle to pay off investors rather than sustain its employees.

Socialism allows governments or authoritative figures to control distribution either through taxes or ownership of production. Any nation that taxes its people is socialist regardless of its political structure. Many people confuse socialism with communism because they do not comprehend Marx's Communist Manifesto. The socialist proletariat is not the same concept as the socialist state. The proletariat was to consist of the workers or community members who shared in ownership of each production. Marx was adamantly opposed to the state because the whole purpose of communist production was to free the workers from authoritative rule. Socialism is actually the complete opposite of communism, and capitalism is a more deceptive form of socialism. 

Communism allows communities to own production such as factories, banks, and utilities then use the profits to sustain their communities. Community members make the decisions for every aspect of the production including marketing, distribution, employee salaries, and how the profits are spent. Communist production relies on the community for sustenance. The community can either raise funds to establish production through charity or obtain the funds through loans from community members. Once the production is paid off, the main priority is to sustain the employees. All profits are then used to fund community-based projects. 


TheSeedSowerz is intended to become a publicly-owned entity. Production that is publicly-owned must provide a means for the public to partake in the decision-making process. If the public has no voice in how the production operates then it cannot rightly be called communism. We will use the forum to discuss the logistics of what we are trying to accomplish. The goal of the forum is to develop a decision-making process that instills the principles or direct democracy. Once this process is fully developed we plan to create our own suite of extensions that communities can use on their websites. The ultimate vision for the extensions is to build a network of communities that work together to solve problems rather than relying on government.

Members are encouraged to submit questions, suggestions, and concerns in the forum. Every aspect of the revolution will be discussed and addressed transparently. We will put the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy up for debate and make changes according to the team decision. 


All profits from TheSeedSowerz will be allocated to participating communities. The funds will be used to help communities establish their own production. We will provide a project management system to guide each community through the process of writing all the necessary documentation that is required to establish community-owned production. Such documentation includes a business plan, constitution, mission, vision, values, goals, community project plans, and other writings from community members. We will also provide a fundraising system to help communities raise funds to establish production. If everything checks out and the community gains enough support for their production plans, TheSeedSowerz will eventually start matching the funds raised on a first come first serve basis. 


The age of internet and smart devices has opened a whole new realm of possibilities that enable citizens to establish a new system of governance structured from bottom-up rather than top-down. Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal increasingly provide simple and innovative extensions that allow communities to create social networks with numerous features that are useful for enabling citizens to easily participate in civic duty. The extent of possibilities is endless for what can be achieved with CMS extensions. Communities can make their own rules, promote their own agendas, mobilize movements, and make desired changes without the restriction and hypocrisy that is prevalent on corporatized networks.

Community-owned websites are critical to the revolution for a number of reasons. The main focus for each website is to establish a system of governance that allows members of the community to participate in the decision-making process. Each website will display the community constitution, mission, vision, values, goals, and articles written by members. Once the system of governance is established, the community will then be fully equipped to facilitate the process of establishing community-owned production. Each website will display the community constitution, mission, vision, values, goals, and articles written by members. Once the system of governance is established, the community will then be fully equipped to facilitate the process of establishing community-owned production. As communities continue to form into self-sustained governments, we will become a network of communities that work together to resolve issues on state and national levels.

Joomla already has numerous extensions that are useful for revolution. However, many of these extensions are not compatible with each other. We want to develop a suite of extensions packed with revolutionary features that we will sell to communities. The extensions will include platforms that are useful for blogging, discussions, debate, DIY tutorials, video sharing, project management, coalition building, online protests, petitions, polls and fundraising. 

We will establish a ranking system with titles such as 'Seed, Seedling, Root, Plant, Flower, Fruit.' Members will be required to rise in the ranks before they are given voting power in the decision-making process. 

Project Plans

Citizens are increasingly alienated from government. Many citizens are concerned about the health, safety, prosperity, and environment in their communities. Representatives tend to take on such responsibilities without educating the public about how various systems function or how decisions are made within the public policy and budget domains. Our goal is to equip the citizens with the knowledge and skills necessary to become agents of change. In doing so, we will delegate responsibility to the people, while stripping representatives of their decision-making powers. We encourage all members of all communities to initiate community projects to address issues in each community without relying on government for help. 

A project plan is basically a portfolio, similar to a business plan, that outlines one's ideas and plans to organize and facilitate an activity or service in the community. The portfolio will outline every detail of the project including the mission, vision, values, goals, statistics, demographics, locations, obstacles, legal implications, forms, and financial plans.Citizens can either publish a digital online copy or print an abundance of copies to give to people who might want to join the project.


A coalition is an alliance of individuals and organizations who share common interests and work together to achieve goals. Some coalitions are initiated for a specific purpose then disband when the goals are achieved. Others serve as an ongoing means to promote the health, prosperity and overall well-being of a specified population. Coalitions can be used to influence public policy, advocate various causes, raise funds for community projects, debate tax plans or promote civic duty. We want to provide the tools, knowledge, and resources necessary to empower citizens to take control of communities by initiating coalitions while stripping representatives of decision-making powers.



TheSeedSowerz is an anarcho-communist revolution that upholds the principles of sovereignty for all communities. Our main goal is to provide the tools and knowledge necessary for communities to become self-sustained and independent from the federal government. IsraHELL's existence is a direct threat to the sovereignty of all nations. The wars and conspiracies surrounding IsraHELL's creation have put the whole world at odds to the point of global insanity. Our writer's revolution aspires to strip the harlot IsraHELL of all her glory and expose her as the fraud that she is.

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) is a global campaign promoting various forms of boycott against Israel until she submits to international law by withdrawing from occupied territories, removing of the separation barrier in the West Bank, providing full equality for Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel, and allowing of the right of return of Palestinian refugees. We want to take the BDS movement to the next level by supplying the means necessary for the movement to evolve into an organized and calculated assault on IsraHELL's intelligence, or lack thereof.

The BDS section of our site encourages citizens to write well-researched papers on topics related to IsraHELL's creation. Such topics include but are not limited to Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions, Palestinian Children, International Law, Holocaust Hoax, War Crimes and Zionism. In respect to freedom of speech we will allow pro-IsraHELL ramblings on the site; however, we reserve the right to categorize them however we deem necessary. 

Battle Of Hoaxes

The political arena and mainstream media are increasingly becoming a scripted theater production that serves only to distract the masses from reality. The People are consequentially locked into a frenzy of aimless debate that is based on lies upon lies. And as The People continue to remain loyal to the two-party facade, insatiably devouring a feast of scare tactics, all progress that was made through decades of supreme court rulings and journalistic endeavors is being stripped from the system without notice or reprisal. Free press is essentially dead. Journalism is overrun by unethical practices and overbearing personalities who are leading the sheep straight to the chopping block. And to top it all off, most people are unaware of the fact that there is no law preventing media from lying and inventing stories. As long as the media doesn't invent stories about real people, they can lie all they want, hire crisis actors, and orchestrate elaborate hoaxes.

Over the past year the crisis acting squad, namely Sandy Hook and Parkland, have taken their mission to the next level by getting truthers banned from social networks, submitting unlawful DMCA notices, and rallying to get citizens to vote for representatives who agree with such a brazen assault on freedom of speech and expression. Before that, the internet was littered with videos packed with undeniable evidence suggesting every mass killing over the past few decades were hoaxes. A current search for mass killing hoaxes renders random amateur truther videos mixed among the melee of pathetic attempts to prove that the hoaxes were not hoaxed and that truthers are paranoid conspiracy theorists. Much like the Holocaust hoax, modern day hoaxes are so badly orchestrated that the only way the hoaxers can continue on with their charade is to strip The People of their right to have an opinion.

Many truthers have completely vanished from the internet, while others continue in vain with their attempts to gain the support necessary for networks such as YouTube to reinstate their channels. Meanwhile, Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) laws make it entirely possible for truthers to submit a class action lawsuit against the hoaxing squad for submitting unlawful DMCA notices. In fact, Wordpress will sue on behalf of anybody who wrongly receives a DMCA notice through Wordpress. 

Getting Started

End Game






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